Q. What is the death benefit?

A. Currently the death benefit for ordinary death is $50,000 and if you are an active member of the Department and your death is in the line of duty the benefit is $100,000.


Q. When are the meetings?

A. There are two general membership meetings: the last Thursday in April and the last Thursday in October.


Q. How do I know if my dues are due?

A. Active members of the Department have their dues taken directly out of their paychecks.  Once you retire you can make a lump sum payment or be billed every March.


Q. I am retired but have not gotten a dues notice?

A. Once you retire AND reach age 60 you are considered paid up for life and will no longer have to pay dues.  If however, you are still working for the Department after your sixtieth birthday, once you reach 62 you will not longer have to pay dues.


Q. How can I change my beneficiary ?

A. The easiest way is to call either the PBA number(585-254-5410) or the Locust Club number (585-254-0610) during normal business hours and have a new form mailed to you, then you must complete the form, have it notarized and then return it .  Or if you want you can stop by the Locust Club Office and pick up a new form.